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NES Practice Tests by Exam Edge | Updated 2020


Educator certifications vary from state to state. Virtually all of them, however, require a passing score on one examination or another. In addition to practical applications in the classroom, aspiring teachers must take their knowledge and apply it to standardized tests to show that they are indeed prepared to influence young minds. The National Evaluation Series is just one of the many qualifying exams offered to aspiring teachers. Specifically, aspiring educators in Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, California, Washington, Illinois, New Mexico and Wisconsin are required to pass NES exams to become certified.

Like many standardized tests, NES exams offer a number of challenges for test-takers. Those hoping to perform well on their exam should consider taking NES practice tests in order to prepare. While there are many ways to study for these tests, there's nothing quite as effective as practicing with questions designed with NES test prep in mind.

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           NES English Language Arts (301)
           NES General Science (311)
           NES Gifted Education (312)
           NES History (302)
           NES Mathematics (304)
           NES Physics (308)
           NES Social Science (303)

What are NES Tests?

NES tests are comprised of 38 different teacher certification examinations. Eight states require passing scores on at least one NES test. These exams are broken into six general categories: Professional Knowledge, Essential Academic Skills, Elementary Assessments, Middle Grades Assessments, Secondary Assessments and K-12 Assessments. Generally speaking, educators must pass exams in the areas of essential skills, professional teaching knowledge and subject knowledge in order to become certified to teach in the classroom.

The computer-based exams generally feature multiple choice questions, though there are seven exams with one constructed response question each. There is no limit on the number of times a person can take an NES test, though there is a 30-day waiting period required between each attempt. NES practice exams are a great way to prepare during that month-long wait period.

Who Should Take NES Tests?

Anyone hoping to teach in Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico and Wisconsin should register for NES tests after completing the required coursework for their career path. Because the requirements for each school district varies slightly, aspiring teachers should check with their local district to ensure the test is necessary.

What Score Do I Need to Pass My NES Test?

Generally speaking, a 220 on a scale of 100 to 300 is required to pass each NES exam. Individual states, however, may set their own passing standards. The score is determined by calculating the number of correct answers on each test. NES test prep can ensure you get the score you need to get certified as a teacher.

How to Prepare for NES Tests

Everyone has their own study strategies that have gotten them through stressful exams. For the NES tests, though, it pays to practice. Standardized testing doesn't come naturally to most people, and even those who feel comfortable undertaking such an exam can find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to the big day. NES exam practice tests can give you the competitive edge you need to ensure a passing score.

At Exam Edge, we know that registering for these kinds of tests can be expensive. That's why we offer a free initial practice exam for new users. Of course, free practice is just the beginning. With so much at stake, you owe it to yourself to get all the practice you can get.