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Updated (2021) Comprehensive NCSBN Practice Questions

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The National Council of State Boards of Nursing helps to certify nurses throughout the United States. Comprised of more than 50 state-level boards of nursing, the group is fundamental to the licensing of healthcare professionals across the country. Offering a variety of licensing exams across the field, the NCSBN works to ensure that the nurses of tomorrow meet the standards necessary to practice professionally. The NCSBN can help you achieve your dreams of becoming a nurse. With a little guidance from NCSBN practice tests, your nursing certification exams will be a breeze.

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What are NCSBN tests?

The licensing exams offered by the NCSBN include the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program, the Medication Aide Certification Exam and several variations on the NCLEX. Perhaps the most widely known nursing exam, the NCLEX is taken by aspiring nurses across the US and Canada. All of the NCSBN tests feature subject-specific content and vary in length. Regardless of which certification you're hoping to get, NCSBN practice exams can help you prepare for the test.

Who should take NCSBN exams?

Healthcare professionals of a variety of backgrounds and experience levels can take NCSBN exams. For many nursing positions, passing scores on the NCLEX and other NCSBN tests are required to work in the field. If you're hoping to become a registered nurse, a practical nurse, nurse aid or a vocational nurse, you'll likely need a passing score on one of the many NCSBN tests. No matter your background or area of interest, NCSBN exam prep can help you reach your nursing career goals.

Certain requirements must be met in order to register for NCSBN tests. For some exams, you'll need to have completed coursework related to your field of study. In other cases, you'll need supervised experience to qualify for the exam. Because of the wide variety of experience and education needed for different nursing jobs, it's a good idea to check out the NCSBN website for guidance on specific test registration requirements.

What score do I need to pass NCSBN tests?

The NCLEX-RN exam is a pass/fail test. You'll need to answer at least 50 percent of questions correctly in order to pass. The same goes for the NCLEX-PN test. To pass the Medication Aide Certification Exam, test takers must answer 40 of the 50 questions correctly. For the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program test, you'll need to score at least an 80 out of a possible 100 points to pass. Thorough NCSBN test prep can help ensure you pass with flying colors.

How to prepare for the NCSBN exam

NCSBN exam practice tests are the best study tool available to aspiring nurses. With your career riding on your score, it helps to get in as much practice as possible before you sit for the real exam. While traditional study strategies like outlining and creating flashcards can help you prep, there's nothing quite like NCSBN practice tests to gauge your comprehension.

No matter your nursing track, Exam Edge offers the NCSBN exam practice tests you need to adequately prepare. Get started today with one of our free sample practice tests!

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