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CDA Practice Tests by Exam Edge | Updated 2020

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CDA practice tests are a must for anyone hoping to earn their Child Development Associate certificate. Whether you have aspirations of working in a preschool, conducting home visits to monitor child health and welfare or hope to interact with little ones in the classroom, your CDA certificate will serve you well. Of course, to begin your career, you'll need to first establish your mastery of important childhood development concepts. Exam Edge has the CDA practice exams you need to pass the test the first time you take it!

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What are the CDA Exams?

The Child Development Associate exams are a series of tests that gauge a candidate's understanding of key concepts and ideas relating to childhood development. Offered by the Council for Professional Recognition, the CDA exams help ensure that professionals who work with children are prepared and knowledgeable. Since the childhood development field is constantly evolving and changing, it's important for such workers to stay abreast of the latest research. CDA test prep should include a thorough understanding of the latest childhood development research.

Three kinds of CDA exams are available: family, preschool and toddler tests. Each of these three kinds of tests are tailored to the precise kinds of work professionals do with each segment of the population. Not sure which test you should sign up for? The Council for Professional Recognition website has you covered. No matter your area of expertise, it's smart to undergo extensive CDA exam prep before sitting for the real test.

Who Should Take the CDA Exams?

While a CDA certificate isn't always required of professionals work with young children, it can help provide credibility for those searching for a new position. Employers, families, and schools are eager to work with people who have experience and knowledge about childhood development. Anyone hoping to take their own career in early childhood development to the next level can benefit from certification. Of course, the exam should not be undertaken lightly – if you sign up, be sure to complete plenty of CDA exam practice tests.

What Score Do I Need to Pass the CDA Exams?

Each of the CDA exams is scored on a scale of zero to 100. In order to pass any of the CDA tests, you'll need to earn a 70 or higher. Scores are reported fairly quickly, with most candidates becoming credentialed with one to three days after passing their test. CDA practice tests can help ensure you pass your exam the very first time you take it.

Prepare Now with CDA Practice Tests

The path to CDA certification is a winding one. With Exam Edge's resources at your disposal, however, the process is made much easier. CDA practice tests are a great way to ensure you'll perform well on the real exam. Since standardized tests gauge how well you perform under pressure, it's smart to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the format and timing of the CDA exams. With so much to gain for your personal and professional life, there's no question about it: Exam Edge is a must for CDA test prep. Begin your studies now with a free sample practice test. There's no better way to see how you'd fare on the real exam!