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What is the Psychological Services Bureau (PSB)? What Do They Do?

The Psychological Services Bureau (PSB) is an organization that was founded in 1955 with the purpose of providing high-level, technically proficient tests to healthcare education programs. In short, the company creates, distributes, and administers tests for the medical programs at many American universities. Current PSB tests include exams on Registered Nurse aptitude, occupational aptitude exams, aptitude for practical nursing, and reading comprehension.

A PSB test certification can help you prove your areas of expertise, show your ability to do well in specific nursing programs, and improve your career choices post-graduation. Before you take that step, though, make sure to try plenty of PSB practice tests. As part of our array of practice exams for the healthcare field, Exam Edge offers packs of PSB exam practice tests to help you ensure a high score on your official exam.

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Why Take a PSB Certification?

Many nursing programs require students to take one or more PSB tests before entering the program. If you want to pursue a career as a nurse, chances are good that you'll have to take a PSB exam at some point in your student life. Yet entry into a particular program or school is only part of the reason you should consider getting PSB certification. You benefit from taking the exam in a variety of ways, including learning more about your areas of aptitude.

These exams are created to help you display your knowledge and skill level as well as to find your particular strengths as a prospective nurse. In this way, taking the PSB exams can help you make career decisions regarding which field of study or specialization is right for you.

Finally, you shouldn't overlook the fact that having high scores on aptitude tests, getting certifications, and adding other trust symbols to your résumé can only help your career in the long run. Passing these PSB exams with flying colors looks great on a transcript and shows both your prospective nursing program and future employers that you are responsible, up to the challenge, and competent.

How to Prepare for a PSB Certification?

Now we get to the fun part: PSB test prep. You can always rely on traditional ways of preparing for important exams, such as using flashcards, quizzing yourself and other nurses who are in the same program, and getting your hands on a Psychological Services Bureau study guide. There are PSB test reviews available online as well as PSB sample questions. But we think the best way to ensure you do well on the exam is to take practice versions of that exam.

Practice tests will help you pass because they accurately simulate the pacing, content, and scoring guidelines of the official exam. Exam Edge's practice tests are designed to predict your performance on the true exam, giving you an accurate picture of where your current aptitude lies and where you need to improve. This is better than a simple study guide or flashcards because, rather than just memorizing the correct answers, you're able to identify the areas that need more attention in your preparation.

Ready to begin your journey toward a high PSB test score? Try out Exam Edge with our FREE PSB practice test. When you see just how useful these tests can be, purchase a packet of them. The more you take, the more you hone your knowledge of the subject matter and the more comfortable you become with the test's requirements.