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ServSafe Practice Tests & Test Prep by Exam Edge

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The culinary world is a blend of art and science. Creative chefs design delicious dishes that satisfy and delight their customers. The science behind the preparation of such meals deserves just as much appreciation as the creation itself. Diners rarely consider the safety techniques and practices that go into their meals. But behind the scenes, food safety is paramount. Before culinary professionals can roll up their sleeves to create your favorite dishes, they're often required to demonstrate their food safety knowledge.

One way they can do so is through ServSafe. What is ServSafe? It's the restaurant industry's leading association. Together with the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation, ServSafe offers exams and certifications for the industry's workforce

What are ServSafe Exams?

ServSafe tests challenge food handlers on their knowledge of food safety best practices. Chefs, restaurant managers, and bartenders frequently seek ServSafe certification. It signifies that a person is qualified to safely make decisions about the preparation of food and beverages for customers. In some cases, servers and hostesses are also ServSafe certified.

Exam Edge® offers 75 ServSafe practice exams on four subjects:

  • ServSafe Food Handler Practice Tests
  • ServSafe Food Safety Manager Practice Tests
  • California Food Handler Practice Tests
  • California Food Safety Manager Practice Tests

No matter which exam you're registered for, it's a good idea to study with ServSafe food handler and manager practice tests.

Who Should Take ServSafe Practice Tests?

Anyone hoping to work in the culinary field should consider taking ServSafe practice exams. Not only do they present an excellent opportunity to gauge your mastery of important food safety concepts, but they will help you to add a professional certification to your resumé. Most employers in the restaurant industry expect their employees to have some form of food safety certification. ServSafe certification is an excellent way to invest in your career.

Passing Test Scores

ServSafe tests are scored on a scale of zero to 100. If you answer at least 75 percent of the questions correctly, you'll earn your certification with ease. The test consists of 90 questions, though 10 are pilot items that don't count towards your overall score. That means you'll need to answer at least 60 of the remaining 80 ServSafe questions to pass. Pilot test questions aren't specified, so it's best to answer each question as if it will indeed count toward your overall score.

How to Prepare for Your ServSafe Exam

Whether you're hoping to build a career as a chef, hospitality manager, bartender, or other service industry leader, you'll want Servsafe certification to back up your skills. It's a good idea to take a ServSafe practice test in the weeks leading up to your exam. The results can give you a good idea of how you'd perform if the exam were happening today. Detailed explanations of each question help to spotlight content areas that need attention. Use your test results to create a study guide geared to your strengths and weaknesses.

Studies have shown that practice tests are the best way to study. Whether you're taking the ServSafe test online or in person, incorporating practice exams into your study routine is an excellent way to boost your score. You'll feel more confident knowing what to expect on the day of the real test. Walk into the testing center with your head held high – take a free sample practice test now!

Exam Edge® also offers service industry practice exams on subjects including nutrition and food science, wellness, cosmetology, and more. Take the next step in your career today!