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NLN Practice Tests by Exam Edge | Updated 2020

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Learning doesn't end on graduation day, and that's especially true for healthcare workers. Professional organizations like the National League for Nursing, or the NLN, help ensure that nurses currently working in the field are kept abreast of the latest and greatest techniques, treatments and best practices. One way the NLN does this is through certification exams. Many professionals hoping to become nurses or nurse educators opt to earn their certification through the NLN.

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What are NLN Tests?

The NLN offers a wide range of tests for both nurses and nurse educators. Whether you dream of working with patients directly or prefer to share your knowledge with the next generation of nursing students, the NLN likely has a test to help you reach your goal. Those hoping to become Certified Nurse Aides, for instance, may sign up for the NLN CNA exam, while professionals dreaming of a career as a teacher should register for the NLN Certified Nurse Educator test. No matter which you choose, Exam Edge's NLN practice tests can help you prepare.

Who Should Take NLN Tests?

Graduates of nursing programs should register for the NLN test most appropriate for their career path. For instance, if you aspire to become a nurse educator, you'll need to first complete a master's or doctoral degree in nursing education. Only after completing the required education should candidates consider registering for NLN exams. Without the proper education to inform your test performance, your NLN practice exams can only go so far to help you pass.

What Score Do I Need to Pass the NLN Tests?

Each NLN exam sets a different standard for what is considered a passing score. For example, the NLN pharmacology test requires students to earn a score of 85 or higher to pass. On the other hand, the NLN CNA test only requires a score of 80 or higher to pass. Before you sign up for your preferred test, be sure to check out the NLN website for guidance on what score you'll need to achieve to become certified. Once you know the score to aim for, your NLN exam prep can really begin.

How to Prepare for the NLN Exams

In order to best prepare for your NLN exam, it helps to understand exactly what you know – and what you don't. Identifying blind spots or gaps in your knowledge can be difficult. Thankfully, NLN practice exams can help you gauge exactly how well you'd perform if the test were today, while also giving you unique insight into the content areas that you need to spend more time studying.

Exam Edge's NLN exam practice tests give you the freedom to pause on questions you're struggling with, giving you time to take notes and look up answers as needed. Even better, you'll receive thoughtful explanations for each practice test question, helping you understand why you got a question right or wrong and how to handle similar questions in the future. There's truly no better form on NLN test prep out there!

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