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Updated (2021) Comprehensive HRCI Practice Questions

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What are HRCI exams?

The Human Resources Certification Institute® is one of the leading professional organizations for HR employees. Helping to qualify individuals for work in the field, HRCI has developed a number of tests to determine a candidate's readiness for the most common types of HR challenges. The organization offers eight different exams for human resource professionals of all experience levels and backgrounds. HRCI exam prep is definitely necessary for those hoping to become certified.

The HRCI tests include:

Who should take HRCI exams?

With options for every education and experience level available, HRCI offers tests to certify anyone hoping to further their career in HR. With enough HRCI test prep, you'll pass with ease – and see a major boost to your career. All HRCI certifications are valid for three years, with recertification credit hours needed to maintain good standing.

While not strictly required for many jobs in human resources, HRCI certification is a good way to set you apart from your peers. Certification shows your mastery of HR concepts and best practices, and also indicates your commitment to professional development. Not sure you're prepared for such a test? HRCI exam practice tests are a great way to determine your readiness for the real thing.

What score do I need to pass HRCI tests?

HRCI uses scaled scores to determine a candidate's readiness for certification. Passing scores range between 500 and 700 points, with failing scores falling under the 500 point threshold. Should you fail your exam, the results will indicate the areas with which you struggled. Similarly, Exam Edge's HRCI practice tests show off the answers you missed, providing thorough explanations for the correct response. There's no better way to study than with HRCI practice exams!

How to prepare for HRCI tests

Whether you've got decades of HR experience or you're just beginning your career, HRCI tests can add credibility to your name. Standardized tests are never easy, though, so it behooves HR professionals to prepare ahead of time. The HRCI practice tests offered by Exam Edge are an excellent resource. The results of a practice exam can help guide you through test preparation, allowing you to easily identify areas that you've mastered and the ones that require a bit more of your focus.

In addition to the practice you'll get familiarizing yourself with the content, you'll also gain confidence in your ability to perform on the real test. Certification tests exist to gauge your knowledge of HR but also of your level headedness. Performing well under stress is highly prized in the HR field, and HRCI practice exams will give you a boost in the mechanics of test-taking.

We offer free sample practice exams to all new members of Exam Edge, so there's no reason not to get a jump on your HRCI practice tests right now! Bring your study strategy to the next level by working with Exam Edge – you won't regret it.

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