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AONE Practice Tests & Practice Questions

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American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) certification begins with high-quality Exam Edge AONE test prep. Our unique AONE practice tests allow you to control practice testing conditions so you can study in a way that works best for you.

In 2019, AONE became the American Organization of Nursing Leadership (AONL), a name chosen to better align with the organization's mission to promote education, certification and advocacy for nurse leaders. Whether you're seeking Certificate in Executive Nursing Practice (CENP) or Nurse Manager and Leader (CNML) practice questions, Exam Edge has you covered. Partner with us and feel confident heading into exam day.

Who Should Take an AONL Certification Exam?

Any nurse who wants to pursue a leadership role should consider taking an AONL certification exam. Even if you are unsure whether you want to pursue a leadership role as an executive nurse, it never hurts to have additional credentials under your belt when it comes time for promotion, salary increases, or switching employers. An AONL certification can help you increase your value on the job market.

AONL practice tests are among the many ways that Exam Edge helps you further your career. We also provide a host of resources, such as this article on how to advance your nursing career, or this one on how many nursing specialties you should pursue.

What Score Do I Need to Pass AONL Tests?

The specific score you’ll need to pass an AONL test depends on the specialty you’re going for. As an example, the Nurse Manager and Leader Certification exam requires a score of at least 350 out of a possible 500. On the other hand, the CENP test requires a score of 150 out of a possible 300.

Regardless of your experience or the exact nursing leadership certification, you’re going for, it’s important to engage in the proper AONL test prep. Our AONL practice exams are the best study tool to use to earn the best possible score.

How to Prepare for AONL Certifications

AONL practice tests are a vital part of preparing for any AONL certification. At Exam Edge, our AONL practice exams are designed to contain the same type of questions, format, time limits, and distribution of material. This way, you can get a true sense of how you would do were you to take the AONL exam today. With explanatory feedback on missed questions and both timed and untimed versions, you’re also able to use the practice tests to adjust and focus your study schedule.

If you’re contemplating the pursuit of an AONL certification, get a sample practice test today so that you can see the difference our full AONL practice tests can make. We also offer a range of other nursing practice tests for other credential exams that can help you advance your career.