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Updated (2021) Comprehensive AONE Practice Questions

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At 16, we earn our driver's licenses and take to the streets with newfound freedom. Of course, the leadup to that special moment takes agonizing months of studying, practice, and guidance from mentors. After all, not just anyone can get behind the wheel and hit the road. Similarly, nurse executives must prove they're knowledgeable and well-versed in financial management, human resources, and the overall requirements of managing healthcare environments. The AONE exams help do just that.

If you're registered for an AONE exam, keep reading. We've got all the insight you need – as well as AONE practice tests – to help you pass the very first time you attempt it.

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What are AONE Tests?

The American Organization of Nurse Executives is a professional organization that helps qualify nurse executives for the job. Just as the DMV qualifies new drivers, the AONE helps to certify that new nurse executives are up to the tasks of the profession. Tests offered by the group include the Certified in Executive Nursing Practices and Nurse Manager and Leader Certification, to name a few. The exams are required for anyone who is hoping to work as a nurse executive. Regardless of which you decide to register for, be sure to take plenty of AONE practice exams before the date of the real test arrives!

Who Should Take the AONE Tests?

If you have dreams of becoming a nurse executive, you'll need tests like the ones offered by AONE in order to hone your leadership skills. Before you take any exam offered by the AONE, though, be sure you've completed the appropriate education first. The concepts you'll be tested on are taught in nursing programs throughout the country, so as long as you've completed most or all of your college's course requirements, you'll be ready to take AONE tests. Of course, it never hurts to brush up on the fundamentals and take practice tests during your AONE exam prep!

What Score Do I Need to Pass AONE Tests?

Every test offered by AONE is scored slightly differently. For the Nurse Manager and Leader Certification test, you'll need to earn at least 350 points out of a possible 500 to pass. For the Certification in Executive Nursing Practice exam, however, you must earn at least 110 out of a possible 150. Before you take your exam, be sure you map out the appropriate AONE test prep for your specific career path.

Preparing for AONE Exams

AONE exam practice tests are some of the best possible resources for nurse executive hopefuls. They offer you the chance to see how you'd do on the exam if it were tomorrow. They're also great for studying – there's no better way to identify blind spots in your knowledge than to take detailed notes on an AONE practice test. Of course, the added benefit of familiarizing yourself with the timing, structure, and question formats is helpful, too. No matter how you use practice tests, Exam Edge can prepare you for licensure and get you into the career of your dreams!