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What is the Institutional Partnership Program (IPP)

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We've earned a reputation as a student's best friend. Our online resources have proved invaluable to those eager to perform well on tests and exams. Through our Institutional Partnership Program, you can bring those group exam prep resources to your organization in bulk - and at a discount. Whether you're a busy school administrator hoping to motivate students, a team supervisor who needs their employees to become certified, or a tutor looking to give your pupils a leg up on their exam, we can help.

Though our practice tests are available to anyone who is willing to sign up, the Institutional Partnership Program is ideal for those hoping to save time and money while preparing for an exam. Purchase tests in bulk and we'll provide promo codes for you to pass out to users. These promo codes can be used for any test on our site, simplifying the purchasing process and making it easier than ever to share our tools. There is no better institution exam prep partnership on the market!

Benefits of the Institutional Partnership Program (IPP)?

Distribute Bulk Practice Tests Easily

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Bulk online practice exam prep has never been easier. Because our promo codes are highly customizable, we can tailor them to your precise needs. You can easily print them out and distribute the codes, or send them out via email.

Online group practice tests can give your team the confidence they need to perform well on the real exam. We believe practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to testing. In addition to familiarizing oneself with the types of questions possible on an exam, practice tests also help users feel more comfortable with the format of the test itself. Of course, the added feedback they receive from their practice tests is the icing on the cake. With this information, users can go back through their answers and develop detailed study guides to chart what subjects need further attention.

Monitor Your Students' Progress Online

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In addition to access to our resources, those who purchase tests through the Institutional Partnership Program will gain access to an online portal where they can monitor progress. Zoom out for a holistic look at your students' scores, or hone in on specific answers within a user's exam.

Sample User Report

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Sample Question and Answer

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Join Our Institutional Partnership Program

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Group practice tests are a fantastic investment for any organization, school or other institution. If you're hoping to boost your group's confidence while drilling them on the subject at hand, there's no better choice than Exam Edge. Take advantage of our Institutional Partnership Program for big savings and ease of use. Because your discount depends on the number of tests purchased, you owe it to your team to go big or go home! Stock up on promo codes and even consider reselling them as needed.

The options are endless, so get started today by filling out this form. With just a few pieces of information, we can work out a bulk buy that's sure to get your team the scores they need. Founded in 2006, Exam Edge has a comprehensive library of practice tests for every career track imaginable. We're passionate about connecting students, professionals and educators with the resources necessary to pass qualifying exams. Time and time again, research shows that practice tests are among the most effective tools available for those studying for exams. With that in mind, we create detailed practice tests designed to emulate the real experience of taking an exam. It's a strategy that has proven successful for countless users through the years.

Curious to learn more about the Exam Edge difference? Visit our Why Exam Edge section to learn how we've been preparing test-takers for exams for more than a decade - and how we can tip the testing scales in your favor. While there are many tools and resources to use when preparing employees or students for a test, our site is as deep as it is wide. With so many practice tests to choose from, there's no better way to prepare your group for certification exams. Our promo codes make it easier than ever to get a large group started on their practice tests, so why get started now?

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IPP Frequently Asked Questions


What's the Difference Between Bulk Order and Test Bundles?

Test bundles such as a 5-test bundle are packaged and sold to a single user; these exams can not be taken by more than one user. Bulk exams are a group of single exams sold as part of our IPP program. A discount is applied for buying in bulk while providing the purchaser the freedom and flexibility to give the chosen number of tests to each of their users.

Do IPP promo codes ever expire?

Promo codes purchased from our IPP program never expire. This allows you to purchase in larger quantities to get the best possible pricing without worrying about them expiring.

How does the IPP pricing work?

The pricing model is a tiered structure; the more you purchase, the lower the cost is per exam. Unlike many other vendors, our model is cumulative. So if you purchase 200 promo codes today, and then 200 more in six months, you will be in the 400 plus pricing group.

Are there any written agreements for using the IPP program?

There are no formal contracts between our partners and us. You are not liable for any issues created by anyone using your promo codes. The end users are held accountable to the standard terms and conditions for using the product, not our partners.

Can I Track my User's Performance?

As part of the IPP program, we have a comprehensive Partners Portal that allows you to monitor your users and how they are doing on their exams. In fact, you can drill down to individual exams and see every question and how they answered it.