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IAHCSMM Practice Tests by Exam Edge | Updated 2020

The healthcare industry is full of unsung heroes. While doctors and nurses are undoubtedly deserving of the acclaim they receive, service technicians and other healthcare workers aren't always recognized for their roles. This is unfortunate for many reasons. For one, healthcare technicians and managers work incredibly hard. For another, these professionals require extensive study and training to achieve their career goals. For instance, not just anyone can wander into a hospital and decontaminate, document and maintain the tools necessary to treat patients.

Anyone training for such a position will need to study, train, and pass certification exams to begin their career. The International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management, or IAHCSMM, is a professional organization that helps qualify such individuals. Anyone hoping for a career as a healthcare service technician should take IAHCSMM practice tests before sitting for industry exams

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