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FTCE Pre-K / Primary - Subtest 3 Math (533) Practice Tests & Test Prep by Exam Edge

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Review phots My favorite thing about ExamEdge's online practice test is that they mimicked the actual exam. I walked into the exam feeling confident I knew the material and walked out knowing my time studying with Exam Edge was well worth the effort.
Olivia R., Washington   
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Instant Access to Your Practice Exams
Detailed Explanations for Each Question
45 Unique Questions per exam
You can take each exam 4 times
100% Passing Guarantee

100% Passing Guarantee We take great pride in our practice tests and their ability to help you pass your certification exam. ** This is not a money back or financial guarantee.

At we place our focus on making our clients' career dreams come true, by offering world-class practice certification tests, designed to give you the knowledge to ace your FTCE 533 exam. We do this by delivering realistic practice tests to ensure you are fully prepared for the FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK-3 - Subtest 3:Mathematics certification exam.

Because our practice tests are web-based, there is no software to install and no need to wait for a shipment to arrive to start studying. Your FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK-3 - Subtest 3:Mathematics practice tests are available to you anytime from anywhere on any device, allowing you to study when it works best for you. There are 15 practice tests available, each with 45 questions and detailed explanations to help you study. Every exam is designed to cover all of the aspects of the FTCE Pre-K / Primary - Subtest 3 Math exam, ensuring you have the knowledge you need to be successful!

Updated (2022) Comprehensive FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK-3 - Subtest 3:Mathematics Description

Our practice tests simulate the real thing in a number of key ways:

  1. Topics covered
    • Knowledge of effective mathematics instruction - 23%
    • Knowledge of algebraic thinking - 16%
    • Knowledge of number concepts and operations in base ten - 30%
    • Knowledge of measurement and data collection and analysis - 15%
    • Knowledge of geometric and spatial concepts - 16%
  2. Level of difficulty
  3. Number of questions (45 per practice test)
  4. Timed exam, proportional to the number of questions (or untimed if you prefer)
  5. Navigation
  6. The feel of the real test

  • 24/7 access
  • Compatible with any device
  • 3 different testing modes
    • Timed
    • No Time Limit
    • Explanation
  • Detailed explanations

We offer 15 online practice exams with 675 unique questions. Our world-class practice certification tests are designed to give you the knowledge you need to pass your FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK-3 - Subtest 3:Mathematics certification exam. We do this by delivering realistic practice tests that thoroughly prepare you for the FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK-3 - Subtest 3:Mathematics exam. Taking our FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK-3 - Subtest 3:Mathematics practice tests will give you the psychological advantage needed to walk into your test day with confidence.

To pass the FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK-3 - Subtest 3:Mathematics test you need a score of 200.

If you're looking for a silver bullet for your FTCE test, Exam Edge is it. You can even take your first practice test for free!

The benefits of our practice exams don't stop there. Once you have completed a practice exam, you will have permanent access to that exam's review page, which includes a detailed explanation for each practice question! Are you confused by a particular question on the practice test? Simply come back to it after you've completed the exam and get a detailed explanation of what the correct answer is and why. No matter how many times you sit for your actual FTCE exam, there's just no comparing the advantages of Exam Edge's practice tests!

Our proof of success is with our customers. Many of them have contacted us, stating that they failed the real tests until finding and utilizing our site. Invest your study time in our well-constructed FTCE exam practice tests and passing the test becomes a cinch!

Certification exams don't just measure what you know -- they are also a test of how well you perform under pressure. The right type of test preparation helps you familiarize yourself not only with the material you're being tested on, but also the format of the test, so you feel less anxiety on test day. That's the kind of valuable experience you'll get with our practice tests and exam prep!

Here are five reasons you should use our exams when designing your FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK-3 - Subtest 3:Mathematics test prep strategy:

  1. Once you complete a practice exam, you will be provided with a summary of the number of questions you answered correctly, as well as an estimate of your score on the real exam. We also provide explanations on why the answer is correct.

  2. Our practice tests are designed to have a similar feel to the real test. The number of questions and even the default time limit for each practice exam mimic the actual exam. This way, when you take the actual test, you will already be completely familiar with its basic navigation and behavior. The psychological benefits of such a practice test can be immensely helpful.

  3. Our tests are web-based, so there is no software to install. The practice tests are available to you anytime at your convenience. No matter where you are, you can take our practice tests on any computer or smartphone that has access to the internet. This comes in handy when working in study groups, from a cafe, or wherever you might need some additional test prep support.

  4. If you have to stop while taking one of our tests, you can pause and continue right where you left off. When you continue the test, you will start exactly where you left off, and with the same amount of time you had remaining.

  5. As an "A+" rated, fully accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, we uphold the highest level of business standards.

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FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK-3 - Subtest 3:Mathematics (533) Test Reviews

Just wanted to let you guys know that your tests really helped me prepare for the ftce math exam. I took it yesterday and passed. I will tell other people about your site.

Shawna M, Florida

I passed my FTCE today! This was the second time I took the test. My first time I scored 192 and then I tok your tests and passes on my second try. Taking your practice tests helped me a great deal, because several types of questions on the real test were also on your practice tests. Thanks so much for the help!

TIm F, Florida

For last year I have been trying to pass the reading section of FTCE. I had taken it six times and if I did not pass it this month then I could not take my college courses in education. I went to Google and typed in practice reading tests and your website came up. I clicked on, signed up and took the free test. I knew that I was going to buy a couple of tests after I took that one. I ended up buying all ten tests. This morning (1/10) I took the FTCE Reading test and passed with a 218. I was ecstatic. I owe it to you guys though because without your tests, I do not believe that I would have passed otherwise. Thank you so much and I will continue to recommend people to your website.

Stacy S, Florida

Thank you so much for you reading tests. I just passed the real FTCE Reading test by 12 points! After failing it 3 other times, I thought I would have to quit. I already told everyone in my class about your site.

Sara L, Florida

Thank you for all the biology practice. Your tests were exactly what I needed to pass! I recommended your website to my friends.

Ashley K., Kingsport

I can not thank you enough for your FTCE practice tests. I have been struggling for a year to pass several of my core tests and was finally able to do it after using you product. Your practice tests gave me the confidence I needed, which allowed me to enter the test more relaxed and focused.


I still can't believe I passed my FCTE exams on my first attempted. I always thought “Practice makes perfect” was a cliche, but after using your product I now know that “Practice does make perfect”. Unlike several of my class mates, I walked into the tests feeling confident and prepared. Thank you for creating this product.


I had failed the Math portion of the General Knowledge test twice and felt really hopeless.. I was waiting for a study guide in the mail but it failed to come next day so I started looking for other review items on the internet. Not having received the books was the best thing that happened because it was then that I found your website. I bought a bundle of tests and watched as my score got higher and higher.. I passed the math portion of the FTCE this weekend. The way the math tests are set up so that I could practice consistently the same type of questions was the reason I passed. I highly recommend this review for everyone

Christine ,

I had a great experience taking the online FTCE Prek-3 Exam practice. The questions mirror ed the original exam and I was not surprise to take the exam with confidence. I wanted to thank you so the great help and good formatted questions on each exam practice. Practice makes perfect and I passed my exam at the first attempt!

Walkiria , FL

As anyone in Florida knows, the SAE are very expensive, especially if you do not pass on your first go around. I have been teaching for 20 years, and due to a change in my assignment (from middle school to high school) I needed to pass the Business 6-12 exam to keep my current job. The practice tests where perfect for me. I work for Virtual Education, and so I am constantly on my computer. These test were so incredibly helpful, and today I passed on the first attempt. The best part of your program is the fact that you can review all the wrong answers from the tests. I did this right before I went into Pearson to take my SAE and it had my in a good mind set prior to the exam. Again, thank you, and I will be telling EVERYBODY I know about your site. 

Chris, Pembroke Pines, FL

I am very glad I found this page. I passed the ESE test. It was worth to pay for the practice test. The practice test were a great help for me. All questions were related to the subject matter. the explanations were very helpful. Thank you very much.

Estrada, FL

I just ordered your test last night, took my Gen. Knowledge exam today and passed it on the first attempt!!! I am sooooo excited!!!! Thank you for this practice!!! I really am glad I found it!!!

Courtney , North Port

I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I passes the math portion of the Florida Teacher Certification Exam thanks to you. I had previously failed the test 2 other times and purchased your product a month ago. I cannot express to you enough how much your practice tests prepared me for the test. I actually finished with 30 minutes to spare. Thank you so much. I will be telling everyone who has to take the test to order your product. It really helped me more than any other material I had been using. Sincerely, 

Kathy , Orlando Florida

Good evening, I just had to email you and say thank you for creating such a great test prep tool. I have spent weeks studying for my test and found your website just a few weeks ago. The test I took with ExamEdge was by far the most similar to the actual exam and by far the biggest bang for the buck. The explanations were fantastic. I really liked how ExamEdge's practice test truly resembled the actual exam format and style. I passed my exam and I have Exam Edge to thank! I took my practice test the night before the big exam and was very satisfied. 

Rebecca, Pembroke Pines, FL

For those of you planning to take the FTCE General Knowledge exams, these practice tests are very similar to the actual test with regard to exam content and structure. The practice tests offered a variety of question types in all three content areas, as well as provided varying levels of difficulty that nearly mirrored those found on the actual GK exam. I found that there were no surprises when it came time to take the test, and am incredibly satisfied with this product. I highly recommend the set of five practice exams. Good luck!

Brittany, Orlando

All I can say is Thank God for this testing site! With the tremendous help of this website, I bought a few of the practice exams and managed to finally conquer my GKT Math Exam. Previous to taking this exam, I had failed it 8 TIMES (literally) and had felt completely hopeless. The school district certification specialist had informed me that I only had one other opportunity to pass it or otherwise, I would be fired. Because of the similarity of the content material on these practice exams, I went in and finally passed it with flying colors! Thank you Exam Edge for keeping me in the profession that I was called to! I also spent a grand total of $1330 in fees (not including tutor fees, study material fees, etc...that fee is only in retake costs) attempting to pass it!

Travis , Orlando, FL

I mm a third year teacher and I needed to take my professional exam because my Temporary certification is expiring this June. I decided to give your site a try because I wanted to pass the exam on the first try. I bought two practice test and I love how the practice test were set up! By studying with these test, I am proud to say that I have passed the Professional test on my first try!

Ayisha , Florida

I failed the Earth Space Science test 3 times... on the second time I started using Exam Edge. I was taking the practice tests but I wasn't using them as a serious study tool. I really thought I was never going to pass the test, when I began taking the practice test just like I would the real thing, I passed on my fourth try! I used Exam Edge again for my General Knowledge test and I passed on the first try! Exam Edge really helps to get the feel of what the FTCE tests will be like. Thank you so much for what you do!

Londann , FL

Very helpful test, much better than buying any books. Highly recommend

Jessica , Homestead, Florida

I spent 47$ and all I was able to get was 1 sample test. I tried getting another one but it’s charging me.

Lizbeth , clermont , Florida

Your site was recommended by a colleague as well as the district I currently teach in. The format is aligned the the updated exam structure. Thanks for asking how I feel about your product.


Great so far.

Miriam , Kissimmee , Florida

I have used ExamEdge on a few occasions and I always pass my exams the first time!

lori , st petersburg, Florida

The two products I purchased on meaning to purchase one did not properly prepare me for the Florida Social Sciences in any fashion. The five tests with three options per test for practice further only used the exact same questions though in different order. I was expecting a tool to help me prepare. I was not prepared and did not pass the state examination to add Social Sciences 6-12 to my teaching certificate. I will never use this type of product again.

Susan , LARGO, Florida

I struggled to find a study source for my test last minute that was well reviewed. This was not organized like the actual test. However, I did learn material and review material from this test prep. I also passed my test.

Kristin , Bonita Springs, Florida

I actually passed my exam A LOT sooner than I expected to :) Your practice exams were a lifesaver!

Deanna, FL

I passed the FTCE K-6 Elementary Exam (060) - multiple tests - Language Arts and Reading, Social Science, Science, and Mathematics. I purchased 5 tests and practiced each several times. I learned a lot and passed all subtests the first time. I usually finish exams quickly, but this exam took most of the allotted time, i.e. with 5 minutes left on the math exam, I still had two unattempted questions, which meant little review time. This was the only test-prep I bought. For additional content, I also watched prime documentary videos and youtube videos. I recommend Exam Edge and plan to use it going forward to prepare for all certification exams. Thank you

Karen, FL

The practice has really helped me prepare to be successful on the real exam.

Gary , Lakeland, FL

Easy to use and full of questions to prep for the real deal!

Stacie , Silver Spring , MD

This is the 3rd educational test I've used Exam Edge for. I have to say that the sample tests have high-quality questions, are almost identical to what I've seen on the actual tests, the interface is really easy to use, and the tests actually over-prepare you for what you need. I have passed all the tests I've taken, and I credit Exam Edge for being a primary reason. Definitely worth the money. 

Jason , FL

Hello I just wanted to say thank you because I just passed my FTCE K-6 SAE! Using your tests to study was perfect. I could spend time on the questions I got wrong using your explanations. It allowed me to really focus on the areas I needed it.

Meaghan , Fl

I just passed my FTCE Earth/Space Science 6-12 exam, and I used your practice tests to study! it was excellent and super helpful. I love the way that each of the choices are explained for the questions, and the format is basically identical to the real test. Definitely the highest value use of my study time. Thanks!!

Jason K, Michigan

I bought 5 practice tests for the Engineering and Technology test. I took the actual test today and passed. Just wanted to comment that I thought your tests were a good representation of actual test content and an accurate predictor of my score. Thank you.

Rebecca , FL

Thank you! I have used these tests to pass Biology 6-12, ESE K-12, Reading K-12, and FELE - all on the first try! Love them!

Laura , A, Palm Beach County, Florida

FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK-3 - Subtest 3:Mathematics (533) FAQ

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1. Why should I use to prepare for FTCE Pre-K / Primary - Subtest 3 Math test?

2. What score do I need to pass FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK-3 - Subtest 3:Mathematics test?

3. How do I know the practice tests are reflective of the actual FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK-3 - Subtest 3:Mathematics test?

4. Do you offer practice tests for other FTCE subjects?

5. How do I register for the real FTCE Prekindergarten Primary PK-3 - Subtest 3:Mathematics test?

6. What are the FTCE exams?

1. Why should I use to prepare for FTCE Pre-K / Primary - Subtest 3 Math test?

We have ten great reasons why is the #1 source on the internet for preparing for the FTCE Pre-K / Primary - Subtest 3 Math test.

What makes us different?

100% Passing Guarantee

100% Passing Guarantee

We take great pride in our practice tests and their ability to help you pass your certification exam.
** This is not a money back or financial guarantee.
Access Your Exams 24/7

Access Your Exams 24/7

Your practice exams are available anytime anywhere on any device. So you can study when it is convenient for you.

Unlimited Test Access

Unlimited access to your test reviews, no time limits and no recurring charges. Everything you need to pass your exam for one low cost.
Cost-Effective Solution

Cost-Effective Solution

Our 5-test bundle of practice exams costs less than the cost of taking the actual certification exam.



Our unique practice test environment is the closest thing you will find to the real test, with one exception: We tell you when you're right and when you're wrong, and most importantly we explain why! Our tests provide you with step-by-step explanations in an easy to understand format.
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Certifications - The Big Picture

Certification exams don't just measure what you know -- they also test how well you perform under pressure. The right type of test preparation helps you familiarize yourself not only with the material you're being tested on, but also the format of the test.
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Completion Certificate
When you complete a practice exam, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can share with your friends, relatives, co-workers, and potential employers. Certificates of completion help demonstrate your accomplishments for everyone to see.
** The Completion Certificate is not an officially recognized document by any of the testing agencies.
Fully BBB Accredited

Fully BBB Accredited

We are fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and have many satisfied customers who have successfully passed their certification exam with the help of our test preparation materials.