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Study Tips to Pass the MOH Exams


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What is the MOH?

The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Saudi Arabia is a government organization that oversees all health-related institutions including hospitals and healthcare providers. They are also in charge of administering the MOH license exams. These certification exams are part of their goal to create a strong workforce to foster the country's overall healthcare system.

What are the Benefits of Having MOH Certification?

There are many benefits to having a MOH certificate. First, taking the Saudi Arabia MOH exam will open new job and advancement opportunities. Professional certification demonstrates to employers that you hold yourself to a high standard. They know that you have met certain benchmarks in terms of practical skills and professional knowledge in your specialty field.

Other benefits include a personal sense of pride for rising to this professional challenge. Knowing that your experience and knowledge are recognized by your country and your peers gives you confidence in your chosen profession. Earning your Saudi MOH certificate also gives your patients and other stakeholders confidence in your abilities. For such an important exam, preparation is key to success, but where do you begin? Exam Edge has your answer.

Who Should Take a MOH Exam?

Many different healthcare workers can take a MOH license exam including lab technicians, midwives, physiotherapists, dental hygienists, and more. Exam Edge offers 12 different MOH exams, each designed after the real exam to better help you prepare for this important career step.

4 Tips to Prepare for a MOH Exam

Tip #1: Take Practice Tests
When you think of studying, a mental image springs into your mind. You might picture a student with their head bent over a book, frantically scribbling notes in a quiet library. Maybe you see a person reading a textbook with a highlighter poised over an important page. While these traditional forms of studying might be your first instinct, they are less useful when compared to taking practice tests.

According to multiple studies, practice tests are proven to be more effective than more traditional study methods. According to the American Psychological Association, the phenomenon is known as the “testing effect” and it shows that practice exams help test takers prepare in multiple ways.

First, you learn the subject matter. Going through questions of what might be on the test will help you understand the scope of its subject matter. You reinforce topics that you already know well. Second, when you take any kind of test, you use a mental skill called retrieval. This skill is being able to recall and apply knowledge to arrive at an answer. Practice tests help you strengthen this mental muscle. Finally, MOH practice tests help students target their studies on “knowledge gaps” by helping them learn what they don't know yet.

Exam Edge practice tests cover all the topics of your Saudi MOH exam, so over multiple tries, you will learn more and more in your specialty. Our tests also simulate real test-taking conditions with accurate time limits so you can develop your retrieval skills. Our MOH practice tests also come with detailed explanations of every answer, so you can track what you still need to learn.

Tip #2: Create a Study Schedule
Making a study schedule is crucial to your success on your Saudi MOH test. The earlier you begin the better. Allowing yourself plenty of time lets you create a schedule that revolves around paced learning. The practice of paced learning, also known as paced studying, is when you allow time in between study sessions, giving your brain time to absorb new information. It is essentially the opposite of a “cram” study session.

Incorporating Exam Edge MOH exam practice tests into your study schedule is easy. Our world-class practice tests allow for paced studying in many ways. You can take each test up to four times, so over the course of a week, for example, you can see how you are progressing. We also offer many different exams for each MOH specialty, so you can get practice with hundreds of questions when you buy multiple tests.

Tip #3: Use a Study Guide
There is truly no better study guide than Exam Edge MOH practice tests. No other study material will provide you with the personalized information you need to prepare. Our study tests are designed to help you determine what you still need to learn — that way you spend less time focused on the material you already know.

As you go through our MOH test sample questions, make notes of which questions you're unsure of. Use these questions as your DIY study guide on what to zero in on specifically between practice tests. In between practice tests you can use flashcards to study the exact practice test questions you missed. You will improve your score with each testing session while learning more in the process.

Tip #4: Relax Right Before Test Day
The day before test day, give yourself a break. It's time to congratulate yourself for all the effort you've put into earning your Saudi MOH certificate! You've been studying for weeks, using Exam Edge practice tests to exercise your retrieval skills and strengthen your knowledge gaps.

Eat a healthy dinner and go to bed early so you will wake up refreshed and prepared to face the real exam. Taking this break is an excellent way to deal with test-taking anxieties that might arise as you move closer to the real exam. If test anxiety is common for you, check out our blog post about how to manage testing stress.

How Can I Learn More About MOH Practice Tests?

You can find out more about Exam Edge's practice MOH license exams on our testing group page for the Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia. There you will also find MOH exam sample questions so you can get a sense of what our practice tests look and feel like. In addition to the Saudi MOH exam, we offer a variety of international professional exam practice tests. Invest in your career and practice for your MOH certificate today!