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How to Prepare for Certification Exams Over the Summer


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Summertime is the perfect time to brush up on your skills, schedule some certification exams to expand your potential job horizons, and work hard to prepare for those tests. Studying during summer might seem counterintuitive as you plan your beach trips and fun-in-the-sun days, but it's actually a great method for boosting your career prospects and making yourself stand out among your colleagues.

Use this simple guide to incorporate tips into your summer study schedule. At Exam Edge, we're dedicated to helping our customers advance their careers and gain those sought-after certifications employers love.

Why Summer Is the Perfect Time to Pursue Career Certification

There are several reasons that we think summer is the best season for planning those certification exams. For starters, summer studying allows you to gain a leg up on the competition, so to speak, since many people are focused on vacationing or transitioning between schools and jobs.

It's also a great time for certification exam prep because if you have children, they're likely out of school—no projects to worry about, no grueling morning schedules. Instead, you can focus on yourself and your career aspirations while your kids take part in camps, lounge around the house, and enjoy their break from education.

Some Quick Summer Study Tips for Certification Exams

That takes care of the “why,� but you still need to know how to study during the summer. It's not easy to get serious about career certifications while most folks are focused on having fun, but it also shouldn't be an all-or-nothing situation. We've given tips before on how to prepare for certification exams during the holiday season, and much of those tips apply to the summer as well.

Tip #1: Create a Timetable

You are more likely to be successful at studying during the summer if you plan out your study sessions in advance. Go ahead and mark the day of your certification exam on your calendar, and give yourself a couple of months to go over all the material.

When planning out your study timetable, consider the benefits of morning, afternoon, and night sessions. Each time of day can have an impact on how your brain functions and what kinds of skills or facts you can retain.

Tip #2: Practice Balance

Try to stick to your timetable as much as possible, but don't overdo it. Give yourself plenty of prep time so that you don't have to cram before your test. Not only will this help you store the data in long-term memory, but it also means you can relax more and enjoy the sunshine. Remember to take breaks, pace yourself, and trust the process. Control your summer study schedule; don't let it control you!

Tip #3: Take Practice Tests

There is no better way to prepare for a certification exam than to take practice versions of that test. Seriously! We've got a whole list of reasons why taking practice tests will help you pass your certification exam. Let's get a few of the obvious ones out of the way. Practice exams have the same format, number of questions, and material as the actual test. This allows you to get a good feel for how the certification exam will go and what your score would be if you were to take it right now.

Using that information, you can see exactly where you need to focus when you plan your study sessions. Find those weak spots, bulk up on that material, take more practice tests, and watch your score rise!

Another one of the features of Exam Edge practice tests is that you can take them in either timed or untimed modes. The timed version can help you find the right rhythm and pace for when you take the actual timed certification exam. The untimed version can be used as a simple study aide to make sure you know the material. Plus, you can always see the explanation for incorrect answers, so you know exactly why you missed a question.

Learn More About How to Study Over Summer Break

Exam Edge is all about providing our clients with the best in career certification exam preparation. We've got a range of blog content you can check out with guides and tips to maximize your study sessions and get the most out of practice tests. Whether you're seeking additional credentials in the healthcare field, financial industry certifications, teaching certificates, or other career certifications, you can use our practice exams to mimic test conditions and boost your eventual score.

Not quite sure about how practice exams work? No problem. We also provide smaller sample tests free of charge so that you can see just how much they can help you pass your exam. Head over to our webpage for your industry, click on the specific certification exam you're preparing for, and order your batch of practice tests today!